Treating Troubled Teens with Wilderness Therapy and Reform Schools

Reform schools for boys are a good option when parents need to find a place for a son who is causing trouble at school or in their neighborhood. Many young men have gone to reform schools to live full-time for several months or longer in order to learn proper behavior.

Today, schools like Woodcreek Academy help to bring troubled boys into a natural environment. Escaping the confines of urban life can help anyone find their footing, which is why camping remains popular to this day. That mental reset is so crucial to a healthy state of mind.

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Behavior Modification is the Current Trend

Today, authorities refer to these institutions as behavior modification schools, and a troubled girl may also attend a separate program. These types of programs are operated by experts, including psychologists, counselors, and teachers. Students are expected to follow strict guidelines each day while in a classroom and during their recreational activities. A boy or girl typically wears a uniform, and they are not permitted to watch television or listen to music.

About Wilderness Therapy

Many parents want to find short-term programs for troubled youth, and a wilderness therapy program is perfect. A wilderness program usually occurs in the summer months when most teenagers are not in school. Girls and boys may live in the mountains, a desert or in a forested area for one week or more as they learn to work as a team in rugged conditions. In order to survive, the teenagers need to use better communication skills instead of fighting.

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