Top Reasons to Choose Classroom Based AAT or ICB Bookkeeping Training Courses in London

Learning bookkeeping in a classroom setting is far more effective, and faster, than studying bookkeeping online or by distance learning. Generally regarded as the world’s leading finance centre, the opportunities and rewards offered by a career in finance in London are second to none. A classroom based training course with AAT or ICB accreditation can be the best into London’s finance sector.

When deciding upon the best qualification and training course to take to step into a lucrative new career in finance, check the course is ICB or AAT accredited to ensure that you are getting the very best education and qualifications. These accreditations provide a base for any further finance training and allow you to progress onto accountancy with ease.

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Classroom Based Bookkeeping Training is More Interactive

ICB and AAT accredited bookkeeping courses place a high emphasis on being industry relevant and training students to be work-ready. To ensure that you are learning the right skills so that you can walk into a modern finance workplace and be effective from day one, the best bookkeeping training is practical and interactive. There’s no getting away from the fact that personal tutoring and face-to-face learning in a classroom environment will always be the best way to deliver practical and interactive learning.

Classroom Learning is Shared Learning

Studying for your bookkeeping course in a classroom setting is perfect for students who thrive with a shared learning experience. An expert bookkeeping tutor is on hand to help and answer your questions there and then, and you get the answers immediately. If you are studying bookkeeping for the first time, or you are re-skilling for a new role, a classroom can be a familiar and supportive learning environment.

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Benefits of an ICB Bookkeeping Course

As the largest bookkeeping institution in the world, you can be sure that employers around the world will recognise value and respect your ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) bookkeeping qualification. An ICB accredited bookkeeping qualification is a sure way to stand out from the crowd as you are applying for bookkeeping jobs in the UK or wherever you choose to live and work.

Benefits of an AAT Accredited Bookkeeping Course

Just like with an ICB bookkeeping course, an AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) qualification is a trusted benchmark of quality within the finance industry. AAT have members in 90 countries around the world, ensuring that your qualification will be recognised globally. The AAT courses are centred on practical, real-world accounting and finance knowledge that you can put into practice from the first day in your new finance job. AAT bookkeeping courses are designed to work for employers and employees, equipping students with practical fundamental business skills.

Classroom based, ICB or AAT accredited, bookkeeping training courses in London, provide a practical and interactive learning experience and industry-recognised qualifications that can make you stand out when applying for a job in finance in London or globally.

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