The History of Funerals

Funeral is a very important ritual for the person who’s dead, the funeral is a way by which a community or an individual shows grief towards the dead person. Funeral is a mankind process and it has a brief history also. Funeral or performing the last rite of a dead person differs from culture to culture but it is not the same as you see it today. Funeral way has got changed from time to time, if you talk about today in Huntersville there are many services available that can arrange the proper way of last rituals such as they provide you a Huntsville funeral home where dead body is kept for everyone to see and all other rituals such as prayer, showing grief and other rituals are performed in this home. After the home, these services also arrange the body burial and more.

Funeral Rites In History

In almost every culture and tradition, people make sure that they take proper care of their dead and perform their last rites carefully and properly. In almost every culture and tradition, there are three basics followed for a dead –

  • Ceremony before the burial and funeral rites
  • Sacred place where body get burn
  • After the rituals memorial is done for the dead

These three basic rituals are not performed in today’s era only but researchers found that Neanderthals that have roots in 60,000 BC made use of antlers as well as flowers to decorate the body of their dead. While in Egypt mummification process widely followed around 3300 BC. In this process body of dead was preserved by the process of embalming. But as the time progressed, the funeral way got change such as in 7 AD native Americans buried the body with different kinds of jewelry and other goods. Nowadays, cremation of the body is generally done.

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