SSC Exam in Bangladesh

SSC means Secondary School Certificate. At the end of the school life, the student faces a crucial exam which is known as SSC exam. At the end of class 10, after ten years passing of school life seated for SSC exam. That’s why the result of this examination is very important for a student. And if you can make a good result in this study, you can able to admit in a famous college in your city. So to admit in your favorite college, this exam contains extra importance from a student. Moreover, for some traditional reason guardian emphasis more significance in this review. So many students in our country fell nervous about their SSC exam because of their parent’s more excitement of their result. they al. So many of this reason, this exam get more importance every year from the student and their guardian. You may also like to read on JSC result 2016.

Education Boards in Bangladesh

The total educational system of our country is run by the board. One board has no relation with others. Question, Result, Record of Result, Record of the examinee, all are different board to board. The whole Bangladesh’s education system is categorized into these board. These boards are must be regional. That means the board is made of according to a region. The board system of education makes the total education more efficient and also easier, and the whole result of a country become increase day by day.

In total ten education boards are available in Bangladesh. These are mentioned bellow.

  • Dhaka Education Board.
  • Dinajpur Education Board.
  • Barisal Education Board.
  • Sylhet Education Board.
  • Comilla Education Board.
  • Jessore Education Board.
  • Rajshahi Education Board.
  • Chittagong Education Board.
  • Technical Education Board.
  • Madrasah Education Board.


Website Link of Different Education Board

In the modern age, for everything, we depend on technology. To run the education system, education board also use technology to make the education system easier and makes the education information earlier to the student. By using technology, a student can be able to get result, instruction and any other help.

This education board has the particular website to publish their information. These are mentioned bellow.

  • Dhaka Education Board Web Address:
  • Chittagong Education Web Address:
  • Jessore Education Board Web Address:
  • Barisal Education Board Web Address:
  • Sylhet Education Board Web Address:
  • Technical Education Board Web Address:
  • Rajshahi Education Board Web Address:
  • Comilla Education Board Web Address:
  • Dinajpur Education Board Web Address:
  • Madrasah Education Board Web Address:

If you need any information about your exam, notice, and have any query, just visit the website according to a board, and we will find it easily.

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