Saudi Arabia and Their Climb towards Higher Education

Since the first collections of 6 Saudi students were sent by King Aziz to get educated in 1927 in Cairo, Saudi Arabia has developed quite far in terms of obvious student flexibility at the level of university and upper areas.

1st university

The country’s first college was not open until 1957, so for many decades before this, and undeniably until this current year in most fields, Saudi students had no choice but to go overseas to get a university education. Both private citizens and the government dedicated considerable sums of money – and matching amounts of effort and energy– to educating students in universities overseas.

Recent timeframe

Recent stats which there are numbers for corresponding to the year 2012-13. These are stats for general demographics, and other area of occupations. A section deals with education, higher education, both outside and inside the country. Totally, for the above academic year, nearly 200.000 Saudi students went to other countries to obtain a higher education. Of these, 165,908 were funded by the government scholarships, with the rest being funded privately.

Breakdown by destination

Saudi students go to the most familiar systems like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada- but also to European countries, such as Germany, Netherlands, and Italy, and yes, many countries in Asia, such as India, China, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore and Japan.


The majority overwhelmingly unsurprisingly head to countries where English-was spoken the US being the country with the most arrival of students from Saudi at any given time, with Britain close behind.

Critical field

This has been to highlight fields vital for the country’s economic progress and inspiring Saudi students to study management, medical or health and engineering sciences, followed by information and communication, computer science and other sciences. This way Saudi Arabia was able to manage their own gas and oil fields and lines as well as take care of their own people instead of depending on other countries.

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