Sat 2016 Math Section Format and Topics

Your 1st step in preparing for the math section of SAT would be familiarizing yourself with accurately what is on it. This guide has been entirely updated to tell you topics, formats and much more on the math section of redesigned SAT.

Whatever SAT math section you are taking in the school, you would be able to conquer SAT math topics with correct approach to the test preparation. Let’s start this guide by the reviewing overall format of SAT 2016 math section.

SAT Math Format

Math can be you are 3rd and 4th sections of SAT, right after reading and writing language. You will 1st get 25-minute section during which you cannot use the calculator. After a short break, you will move into 55 minutes section. During this longer section, you are allowed to use your calculator.

sat main

Both of the sections will start with the multiple choice questions, every of which can feature 4 answer choices. Then you will be asked for some of the students are produced responses, normally called as the grid ins. On calculator section, some of the grind-ins are related to the other part of the extended thinking questions.

SAT Math Section Topics

With SAT math section does not place the large emphasis on the geometry problems, it does focus on the solving equations, data interpretation from graphs and tables and algebra. The College Boardsports questions types in the three different categories such as

  • Heart of Algebra
  • Passport to Advanced Math
  • Problem Solving & Data Analysis

These 3 realms describe ninety percent of SAT math questions. These are major and people highly concentrated topics. The remaining ten percent are simply known as additional topics and they are majorly includes

  • Geometry
  • Basic trigonometry
  • Complex numbers
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