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ORM sees how technology is leading towards being modular. The first modular phone is due for next year and modular homes have become quite a hit in many communities around the world. People today will always love the aspect of customizing instead of purchasing a preexisting design. The same goes for watches; modular smart watches will be a way of life to many people.

These particular smart watches look like a regular metallic watch and looks very sleek. The band is compromised of the parts that can accentuate the watch. One piece of the strap can represent a single function for the watch. For example, there is an extra battery module which is designed to extend the battery life of the watch and charge it when the watch is switched off. The next module is the heart rate sensor module which uses PPG technology with LED to detect the heart rate and also provide the BPM.

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It will also be possible in the near future where the heart rate monitor can be turned on permanently in order to track and record intervals throughout the day. The GPS module allows for accurate positioning as well as longitudinal and latitudinal points for precise locations. There is also an adventure module it has three different sensors in one module. It can sense humidity, pressure and temperature with that one module. This is perfect for people who like to go exploring and track different ways during their trip. There is also a flashlight module which is nothing more or nothing less than a flashlight option on a phone. Lastly, there is a programmable button that can be assigned to virtually do anything the user wants and it is not limited to using this feature on only the smart watch.

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ORM services noticed people were hesitant on this technology at first since it was the first one to hit the public market but the company has been working on it for three years and made sure a few if not all of the bugs were taken care off. ORM decided to explain the key features of the device in order to not scare away the potential buyers. The core of the watch is stainless steel with gorilla glass display, it contains snapdragon 2100 wear processor, AMOLED display, water and dust proof and it is compatible with both iOS and android devices. This smart watch will be a one of a kind and most major companies have projects started for the next two years for regular smart watches; which gives them time to focus on gaining the market share since they are the first.

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