Learn Greatest Friedrich Nietzsche Quotes about Love

Love is another essential relationship to each and every individual after friendship. Showing care and love to your desired person will make you enjoy, have fun or even make you cry, disheartened etc. Thus, Love has different power, which makes the individuals to show almost all kinds of feelings. This page would best suit to the reader who has experience in love. Some of the nietzsche sayings about love, which are going to be listed below will take you to previous golden days during which your love started. These love quotes would also help you learn on purpose of your life to live.

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Friedrich Nietzsche Love Quotes

 The following are a very few of Friedrich Nietzsche quotes about love and they are:

  • Whether you trust or not, the hidden secret to reap the greatest fruitfulness along with enjoyment through our life is living dangerously.
  • Regardless of things, you have done for your love always crop up beyond good and bad
  • Love is always blind because friendship will close it eyes
  • Love is not just consolation, yet still, it is light
  • A definition of love is nothing but lots of little mad things

In his writing, Nietzsche didn’t fail to show his philosophical concerns regarding the idiosyncratic characteristics of love. He makes use of his provocative style that aims to make readers feel uncomfortable on their values as well as assumptions. One of the most significant intellectual strategies of Nietzsche is to question the boundaries exist between traditional oppositions through collapsing our presumptions in relation to the important qualities of things, which held to be different. In this respect, caring and love is no exception. Nietzsche tries to strip love about its privileged status by calling our interest to the base, selfish and vulgar qualities of sexual or erotic love.

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