How to Write a Ph.D. Dissertation in 3 Months

It’s hard to write a big and complex paper in such short terms, but it’s possible. This article may help you to complete your dissertation on time.

Make a plan and always follow it

You must plan all your research activities from beginning to the deadline. So you will know how much time you can spend on other activities. If you see that you don’t finish all the stages of the plan on time, you should reorganize it and work faster.

The plan especially matters when you have limited access to resources. For example, you can use the lab only on weekends, or you can do a meteorological research only on hot days. Make sure you’ll have additional time if it will be needed.


Don’t forget to relax

If you work hard, you need a time to restore your powers. So you should spend time on sports, TV and music, or other things that help you to relax. You should also speak with other people on different topics except your Ph.D. dissertation.

But there is another side of relaxing. Sometimes it takes too much time and distracts from a goal. Always make reminders for yourself and return to studying when you need it.

You may feel stress while writing the Ph.D. dissertation. So you should know methods which help you to avoid stress or struggle with it.

Useful services and software

Now you have many instruments to make your work easier and faster. For example:

  • Software for creating and editing texts, tables, and presentations.
  • Online services, which allows collaborating with other people and having access to your documents from different places.
  • Organizers and reminders.
  • Notes editors, which help you to note every information that you’re going to use in your Ph.D. dissertation.

Although those instruments are very helpful, usually you don’t need to pay for them. And it is another reason to use them in your work.


Writer’s block

Problems with academic papers are often connected with writer’s block. It means that a person tries to write but it’s hard even to complete a few sentences, not speaking about paragraphs or chapters.

There are many ways to struggle with a writer’s block. For example, writing everything you think without any limits, starting from the end of an academic paper, trying to write something else on a different topic and then return to your main work.

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