How to Write a Perfect Assignment, Essay or Dissertation Conclusion

Every student has to do assignments, each year the marking of these assignments gets progressively tougher, making those top grades even more challenging to reach.

A lot of students find this change in difficulty hard to deal with, but what if there was a way to stay ahead of the curve?

According to ‘Assignment writers UK’, there is a formula to writing a good essay, whether it is a standalone assignment or a part of your final dissertation.

Once you are well versed in how to write an assignment, student life becomes far, far easier. So take the weight off your shoulders by following these tips, they could be the difference between a summer off having fun and a summer spent in the library!

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  • Referencing and Presentation: This may sound either daunting or trivial depending on your personality, however, understanding the academic practices of your University is very important. If you make sure to familiarise yourself with the presentation expectations for your work from the word go, then you are starting in the right place. This could be from font to font size, all the way up to double line spacing if your university ask you to do it then do it. Simple.

With regards to referencing make sure you know exactly what specific type your course and university expect you to use. If you learn it once, you won’t forget it, and soon it will be like second nature. A second nature that will make sure you aren’t dropping careless points over how you present your work!

  • Show That You Have Listened: According to Assignment writers UK or any dissertation writing service, you are more likely to get higher marks if you critically mention points that have been raised in lectures. Your lecturers will be marking the papers, so listen to how they personally feel about the topic at hand and play to their preferences. This isn’t to say you should copy them word for word, and you should always look to show original thought. Be pragmatic, if the lecturer mentions it, it’s important.

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  • Time: This is a very simple one that most students never seem to grasp. If you give yourself time to do the work, you will do better than if you don’t. It really is that basic. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you are stressing about an upcoming deadline, put the assignment to bed before the deadline and save yourself the worry.
  • Keep It Concise: Sometimes students believe that they need to show how wide their vocabulary reaches in their essays, especially if they have a tutor that they want to impress. This is a bad idea according to ‘Assignment writers UK’ who state that students who make clear and concise points directly related to the essay question are far more likely to get the top marks than their ‘flowery’ counterparts. If you think you have found a good argument with lots of strong points, then look to convey them as clearly as possible in the shortest word count. An essay with 15 strong arguments concisely made will always score better than an essay with 4 strong points which take up the whole essay.
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