Converting Educational Videos Using Movavi Video Converter

Many courses and training programs nowadays come as video lessons – which can be convenient considering you will be able to watch them on your TV, PC, and possibly even other devices such as your tablet or smartphone. However, when you are transferring educational videos to other devices, you may run into issues involving their compatibility.

If you come across an educational video that you can’t seem to play on one (or more) of your devices, your best bet is to convert it to a compatible format instead. While that may sound a bit tricky, if you use Movavi Video Converter you can actually get the job done in a flash.

Using Movavi Video Converter as an AVI to MP4 converter or to convert any other video formats is really straightforward. Frankly, you could start converting your educational videos right this very minute by following these steps:

  1. Launch Movavi Video Converter.
  2. Click on the ‘Add Media’ button then select ‘Add Video’ and choose the educational video that you want to convert.
  3. Open the ‘Video’ tab near the bottom and select the format that you want to convert it to, or open the ‘Devices’ tab to find presets for various devices that will automatically optimize your video accordingly.
  4. Click ‘Convert’ to start converting your educational video.

As you can see it is practically child’s play to convert videos in this fashion, and with the help of the built-in presets you should be able to easily make sure your videos are compatible with any device or platform you choose to use. However, the fact that it is so easy to use is really just part of why Movavi Video Converter is such a great tool.

Within Movavi Video Converter, you will find countless other features that complement its role as a video converter. With these, you will be able to convert audio and image files, compress videos, create animated GIFs out of video clips, grab screenshots from individual frames of video, or even extract the audio tracks from videos.

On top of that Movavi Video Converter also has several editing features to help you tweak your videos. It can be used to improve the quality of your videos, trim out unwanted parts, merge videos together, add captions, or crop and rotate the frame and orientation.

Having all these tools just a click or two away will be a lot more useful than you may realize. As you begin to explore Movavi Video Converter, you may even want to save important bits from your educational videos as highlights for reference or merge several videos together so that all the material you need is in a single file.

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