Coding and Robotics for Kids: 5 Reasons Why It Is Important

Coding and robotics for kids have been a hot topic in educational circles. Most educators and parents recognize the significance of computer programming learning yet there are numerous who still feel that it is too specialized to be K-12 main subjects. Listed below are 5 such reasons why coding and robotics program is important for kids.

  • Coding Empowers Students: Coding can teach students (1) how to control machines and robots, (2) how to use a computer to resolve complex problems, (3) how to take innovative thoughts and make them intuitive.
  • Understanding Code Helps Explain the World: Computing is now involved in every part of our lives whether it is banking or the internet to communications. Computing will become even more omnipresent in the coming years as the Internet of Things and advances in robotics are expected to handle many parts of our daily lives including cooking and cleaning. In the same way that kids study biology, chemistry, and physics to better understand the world, it is now imperative to learn coding to understand how the modern world works.

  • Provides A Number Of Early Learning Benefits: From age 5 kids transform from perceiving their environment to making logical connections. Coding helps strengthen logic through – educators call it procedural literacy. Read here for coding and robotics for kids Singapore.
  • Coding Is a Liberal Art: Liberal art has always been defined as the body of knowledge required to participate in civic life. Coding for kids will soon be considered a core component of any liberal arts curricula.
  • Technology, Coding, and Robotics Will Reshape Jobs of Tomorrow: In today’s job market, more than 55% of jobs in science and math are computing jobs, yet merely 2% of students are computer science students. There is a terrific opportunity in tech and allied fields which will be almost difficult to automate and eliminate.
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