Benefits You Derive Once You Join the Erasmus Program: Read Further To Know More

Love thy neighbor, is the thought behind this academic program. Erasmus is an exchange program, which give flexibility to the students belonging to the European community to study in any one of the 31 European countries.

Many students felt excited about this program. They were told by their respective teachers that if they get an opportunity like this ever for themselves, it will add stars to their curriculum vitae, and they may even claim better salaries. The point is slightly surprising, but you may read further to know more.

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Live In Some Other Country

This program provides better scope and opportunities for students to live in some other country. Visiting a different country, as a student will fetch you a whole bunch of new experiences. Erasmus courses Manchester has plenty of wonderful things to offer.

You will get to know the culture and tradition of a different country along with the new languages to learn. Obviously, different countries have different languages.

The Pros

The pros associated with this kind of program are:-

  • Have new experiences and see the world around
  • Face new challenges and grow as a person
  • Enjoy every bit of the program that you may
  • Such experiences will add to the confidence levels
  • Learn new cultures, traditions and languages
  • Learn the academic culture of a different country
  • You get to make new friends belonging to different countries
  • You get to travel to another European country
  • You become flexible in terms of employment
  • Such program strengthen the bonds between different European countries

This program provides academic courses like graduation of minimum of 3 months and a maximum of a year. Before you, as a student, leave your country, when you opt for this program, there are prior agreements between the universities. You will be told even the minutest of detail about the course and will be kept updated about the nitty-gritty involved.

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Once the course is completed you will be given a certificate and a degree that you finished a particular course and other such details.

The host country will not charge you any academic fees. The home country may do so. You will have to bear other expenses like for the association of students and various study materials like photocopies etc.

Students may easily continue to avail full payment of loans and grants to which the local students are entitled for. There has to be some permutation and combination needs to be applied in terms of the mobility grant.

The Cons 


  • New cultures may be tough for you to adjust to
  • Learning new language is not that easy
  • The accommodation you get can be unclean and you may have to clean it all by yourself
  • Since you are new to the city, routes may be tough for you to follow

The program is awesome. If you are getting the opportunity do not miss it. 

Author’s Bio: 

Tony Callison has written this article. If you are looking to improve your profile as a teacher in the UK, then you must surely consider taking up Erasmus courses Manchester. Please visit their ebsite to learn all about their benefits.

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