All You Need to Know About SAP APO Training

SAP APO training stands for Advanced Planning and optimization. This is one of the most popular training modules for SAP professionals who are working in system security & related work.

Introduction to SAP APO

SAP APO (Advanced Planner and Optimizer) is a perfect set of software applications intended to help a business organization improve it’s 1) production planning, 2) scheduling, and 3) product shipping by getting real-time updates from the retailers about customer demand. It is not your standalone application and requires backend ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.

APO provides the basis for an end-to-end SCM (Supply Chain Management) solution, seamlessly linking key processes from i) order generation to ii) production planning to iii) transportation. SAP APO training learns how to enable the transactional system in the supply chain to be interconnected so that it easily reflects pricing and costs.

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Different Application Level within SAP APO

There are 8 different application levels within SAP APO and are as below.

  • Demand Planning
  • Detailed Scheduling
  • Global Availability
  • Network Design
  • Production Planning
  • Supply Chain Collaboration
  • Transportation Planning
  • Vehicle Scheduling

Reasons to Go For SAP APO Training Course

  • Studying SAP APO course ensures that you are able to determine possible stock deployment and be able to group them in orders.
  • One of the main aims of this training course is to present you with complete knowledge of SAP APO as the best suite of supply chain planner applications that increases overall knowledge of the supply chain for proper planning, forecasting, and optimization.
  • This course provides you with a deep knowledge on the development of different plans like distribution resource, cross-location production, as well as procurement plans.

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Advantages of SAP APO Training

  • The core benefit, why lots of companies opt for SAP APO Training is; it provides complete SCM solution connecting all the processes together, which additionally helps in enhancing the process. This technology process helps starting from the order generation to the perfect order execution. With the rising demand for the technology, IT companies are now hiring people who are previously trained in it.
  • Training on SAP APO could, in the long run, prove useful to the newcomers as well as professionals to take their career to another level.
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