All You Need To Know About Exchange Student and Its Benefits

Many people nowadays want to join a student exchange program in which a student from a higher or secondary education lives in an overseas country to learn something different. This is the reason why many institutions now offer the chances for students to join the exchange student program.

What Is An Exchange Student?

An Exchange student is generally a student in post-secondary or high school systems of education who leave their own countries to spend anywhere between a few weeks or an entire year within a foreign country. During this time, most student endeavor to learn a new language and thus experience the culture and traditions through the means of direct application.

Types of Exchange Programs

  • Short-Term Exchange Program: A short-term exchange program is also known as a cultural exchange or summer/intensive program. These focus on cultural activities, community service, home stays or language skills. A short-term exchange program lasts from 1 week to 3 months and doesn’t require the student to study in any specific institution or school.
  • Long-Term Exchange Program: A long-term exchange program is the one which lasts 6 months to 10 months or can go up to 1 year. In this program students are required to coordinate themselves into the receiving family, drenching themselves in the local community and surroundings.

Benefits of Student Exchange

  • Academic Benefits: (1) Enhance the value of your UWA degree, (2) Learn a new language or improve your language skills, (3) Build ties with leading universities worldwide
  • Employment Benefits: (1) Enhance employment prospects with International experience, (2) Gain invaluable experience for future employment through vacation internships, (3) Global awareness
  • Personal Benefits: (1) Travel within your host country and further afield with local students or other international students, (2) Meet people from around the globe and develop new friendships, (3) Gain independence and confidence
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