‘After School Languages’ Tutoring Is the Best Way for Children to Become Fluent

“After School Languages” is an elementary after school program that was designed by professional linguists, translators, and language tutors to expose children to the world’s most spoken languages by using:

  • Games
  • Songs
  • Fun activities

This school program works along-side elementary schools to offer additional language classes to students of all ages. After school tutors will also work with the students on these languages.

Mission Statement 

Their mission is to have children exposed to languages at a very early age and promoting:

  • Cultural tolerance
  • Build social skills
  • Jump start children’s future

All children are facing a future in the modern age that operates in a global economy.

Languages available 

Languages taught include:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • American sign language
  • English/ESL
  • Russian
  • Chinese/Mandarin 

Started in Santa Barbara 

After School Languages was started in Santa Barbara, California and presently operates only at schools in Santa Barbara County. There is a demand that is growing for language in after school programs. New after programs will be following Santa Barbara’s tutoring when they expanse into Ventura County and Los Angeles County before the end of current year.

Next level 

If you have an interest in your child learning experience go to a higher level, they offer Santa Barbara tutoring program that gives students with a custom curriculum. Tutoring programs are adjustable to any age and this gives students the ability to learn at a pace that better suits them.

Toddlers and infants 

There are also classes for toddlers and infants which are planned to expose children to languages at the earliest age. Studies show that the earlier a child is showing to a language the better it will be for them to pick it up and adopt accents later in life.


The story of After School Languages is embracing frequent language teachers including:

  • Master’s degrees
  • PhDs
  • Professional translation experience
  • Multilingual education

The founder of After School Languages is a professional translator, linguist, and teacher who has previously worked for the WHO International Agency for Cancer Research located in Lyon, France and was a translation editor and translator for some of the world largest corporations.

When moving to Santa Barbara California, Miss Rose was shocked at the lack of programs for teaching languages for children at early ages, when it is easier for them to learn. Studies have shown that to become fluent in a language, it is vital to be exposed to it before age 11.


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