A Writing Service Review by an Online University Student

I have been a construction worker for over 15 years, and my salary just wasn’t making ends meet. With the wife and four kids at home, I knew that something had to be done to get me more money so I can provide for my family. The only real way to do this was to advance my education, but I simply did not have the time to invest into going to school while working. I found an online university that could get me the leg up I needed to advance in my career, that the issue of time is what made it a hard choice to make.

With my particular job, on the job training is the only real way to get an education. Unfortunately, in this day and age employers look at continuing education regardless of whether that education actually has an influence on the job. I enrolled in the school and quickly realized that I could not maintain my rigorous work schedule and complete the assignments on time. On Unemployed Professors, I found someone who was able to take my online courses for me. Although it did cost money, it was actually an investment for the future. The professor worked closely with me and was very attentive to the needs of my courses. Communication was simple and easy, and all the work was excellent.

I am now one year out of obtaining my continuing education, and my salary has increased exponentially. My work is not all that different than what it was before, but having the education on paper is what has made all the difference in my increased pay. I am very thankful to Unemployed Professors because they allowed me to get this education without sacrificing my work or the time I spend with my family. I will definitely keep them in mind if I should pursue any further education because they helped me out of a very rough spot. In fact, my wife is currently using Unemployed Professors to get a certification in her field of work, and again, the investment is worth it. I would recommend Unemployed Professors to anyone in a similar situation; it is worth it.

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