A To Z of Microlearning and Its Advantages

Microlearning might sound like a very new concept but it has been around for ages and helping to learn in a smarter way. So, don’t make the mistake of considering it a passing fad, it is here to stay. In the world of e-learning, microlearning is gaining popularity. It is also making space for itself in the traditional educational systems and is recognized as an important tool.

So, what is microlearning?

Any targeted learning object with a span between 1 to 3 minutes is microlearning. Ideally microlearning nuggets can be stand alone or connected which can be referred anytime by anyone.

If a learner needs to refresh his memory or needs to take a quick revision of a specific subject, he needs to turn around or browse through page after page. But with microlearning the learner will have excess to a lot of information but within a short expanse.

An employee though having sufficient knowledge and experience has to go through a whole course and attend classes, which is a waste of time for the employee as well as their employer. The employee only needs to refresh his or her memory and thus micolearning is very ideal.

How is it beneficial to go only through required chapters leaving the whole course?

It might be a good option for anyone going though the whole course, chapter after chapters, but for a quick review this can hardly be an option. If someone is experienced and has knowledge, for a quick review, microlearning is actually the best option.

Accessing microlearning lessons is very easy, you can access microlearning nuggets from any device you have. Mobile accessibility makes it much easier for adult learners to learn what they need. After a whole day’s work when a learner comes back home, they are usually exhausted and don’t have the patience or energy to study much of anything. More often than not, they don’t even feel like turning on the desktop or laptop. But as the microlearning modules are available on the mobile platform, they can just go through the nuggets on their mobile or tablet. But even then, going through a large body of content can be quite boring, so the study material needs to be short, informative and interesting.

This is the era of mobile and around 95% of American citizen owns some kind of smartphone. This is why microlearning modules are made available on mobile LMS platform so that they are accessible by more people.

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