4 Reasons that Justify Slime Obsession

In modern times when people are constantly looking for something new and different, slime has surprisingly managed to fascinate people for a long time. A quick search will show you that the slime obsession of people has maintained a steady growth pattern. This means almost every hour new people are literally falling in love with slime.

Just search for slime on Instagram and you will find hundreds of accounts of people who call themselves ‘slimers’. They are constantly experimenting with slime and coming up with new types of the gooey stuff. The number of videos that you can find of people poking and prodding slime is just mindboggling. And then there are videos posted by people who share hacks and tips on how to make slime.

However, one thing that really stands out is that slime is no longer an obsession with the young and the kids. It has transcended into the middle age group as well where an increasing number of working professionals are turning towards slime.

So, what is it about slime that makes kids, young adults, and working professionals all go gaga over it? Here are some reasons that we believe can justify this obsession.

It Makes Kids Creative                                                                

There was a time when slime was just transparent gooey stuff that you could not use to do anything much. However, with time there are new variations available. What parents really find interesting about slime is that it helps kids think and try different combinations. It teaches them how to use multiple ingredients available in the kit. Kids learn to follow the directions given to them. But more importantly, it also lets them experiment with different colours. It gets them thinking out of the box to make slime that is fluffy or jiggly or even aromatic.

Another thing that it does is that it teaches kids how different ingredients work when combined together. Some very important chemistry lessons can be learnt when making slime. They can learn how certain chemical react with others in a certain type of environment. This is also a big reason why teachers prefer to let kids play with slime.

Mess Free

Young kids often have the habit of making things messy when they are playing. Painted walls, messy floor, dirty clothes – you never know what to expect with kids are playing around and having fun. However, give them a ball of gooey slime and they will be occupied for a very long time.

Slime is completely mess free when handed over to kids. They can pull it, poke it, stretch it, squish it and do whatever they can think of and still make no mess with it. Even if the slime gets stuck to their clothes you can remove it easily with vinegar without leaving a stain.

Slime Relieves Stress

Ask any slime obsessed why they spend so many hours watching slime videos and they will say that they find it absolutely comforting. Well there is no exaggeration there. Experts have found out the reason why slime helps people relax. The sensations that our body feels when we are playing around with slime is something that is missing in our daily lives. Our body is getting used to the sensations of touching a screen and typing on keyboards. But slime – it lets the tip of our fingers feel other sensations which works magic on our nervous system. It gives us the ASMR relief – that tingling sensation that starts at the scalp and then runs down through the spine straight down to the limbs.

And it’s not just the touch off slime. Even sound of slime helps relieve presume and stress which leads to better mood and sleep.

Slime is Money

The multibillion dollar industry that has come up just because of slime is just amazing. You can make money online by selling your special version of slime. As if that’s not enough, there are companies who are willing to pay to get a promotional space on slime videos. These companies are primarily targeting the millennials who are watching slime videos quite frequently. The more number of subscribers you have for your slime channel, the higher the companies would be willing to pay.

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