4 Google Chrome Apps That Every Student Should Know About

Google is one of the most creative brands in the world which always comes up with something useful for people belonging to different sectors of life. With their brilliant R&D department, Google has been on the astounding journey of the latest tech both in tangible and intangible form. Whether it is the Google Glass or Google Chrome, both the products, have been very useful for people especially students.

Talking about the students, Google Chrome is proved to be the cynosure of all educational tools. It not only speeds up the searching process so students can easily find the best dissertation writing service in UK.

Moreover, with the different extensions and applications of Google Chrome, students are taking numerous benefits which are hard to describe in a single post. However, I am going to compile the benefits of four top Google Chrome apps that every student should know about.

  1. Evernote:

Evernote is one app which has been discussed many times by different educational writers. The strange thing is, this app still has numerous more features to discover. Every year with the annual update this application is getting better and better. Evernote is one app which is enough to keep all your stuff organized. This is a robust organizational system which fits the bill. This is a modern workstation which is in use by a various organization and at the same time, perfectly designed to suit the needs of the students. If you have the habit of losing your notes and lectures, again and again, Evernote is the app to have on your Chrome to keep everything organized and stored.

  1. Google Drive:

There is no need to find any other cloud-based store if you have a Gmail account. Google Drive is the perk of having Google Chrome installed on your laptop or computer. With documents, spreadsheet and presentations, Google Drive is a complete solution of all your data storage. This service of Google is not limited to data storage. It is a complete cloud which allows the user not only to share the data and document with others but to set up a complete digital workstation where everyone can share the data in an easy and faster way.

  1. Study Stack:

Being a student in this era means you need a hard disk like mind. Students have to memorize different things in order to understand much complex methodologies and solutions. Students are bound to know different terms and jargons of any industry which they are studying. For all of these and other, Study Stack is an incredible app. This app is consisting of flashcards, crosswords and numerous ways which help the student to memorize all the difficult words which are even hard to pronounce for a native.

  1. Grammarly:

Even the native speakers are prone to make grammatical and other English writing mistakes when a person has to write hundreds of pages. Reviewing all these pages requires time which is one thing which is always insufficient for students. That is where Grammarly can help students’ big time. Just add the extension of Grammarly on your Google Chrome and make an account on it. Its free account is enough to identify the majority of mistakes in your content. If you want to go pro, their premium account is not as expensive as other grammar checkers.

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