4 Best Tips on Getting an ‘A’ for the General Paper

Are you having a hard time in General Paper? Did you not do well in the last GP examination even after putting so much of efforts? In the event that you are experiencing any of these issues than don’t sweat it general paper tuition bukit timah is there for your help.

There are such a large number of students out there who face trouble in General Paper after entering JC (Junior College). It is very unfortunate that General Paper is a mandatory subject at the A-level examination in Singapore. Listed below are four tips for your help.

  • Language is Key – Good English goes a long way. While it is very much true that doing well for the GP does not require special linguistic skill, despite everything it requires that you can verbalize yourself in a sound and enthralling way. gp tuition bishan can help you as well.
  • Be Insightful – What makes you stand out from a large number of other scripts? Many essays are plainly carbon copies of each other. It’s really pretty simple: the more textbook your essay appears, the less fascinating it is, the poorer your content scores.
  • Don’t Misread the Question – This is the most serious issue for the general students. It is very much important that you thoroughly read the question and answer it accordingly and completely. More often than not, essay questions are not what they look like to be.
  • Focus on the Application Question – Do you know that the AQ (Application Question) is the most critical segment of your Paper-2? Markers typically utilize it to review your language ability. Hence, your AQ, in reality, contributes to 50 percent of your Paper-2 grade! Spend no less than 40 minutes on your AQ.
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