Why Teachers Blame Parents?

Most often teachers blame the parents of the most unmanageable students stating that the aggressiveness in them is caused by the low level of upbringing as well as inharmonious relationships between family members.

As Andy Ligeti (a Glendale Community College history professor/former high school teacher) stated, good parenting skills are fundamental and greatly essential for reaching quality education. It is counted that the 90% of problems and intolerance between a teacher and student is a result of lack of parental support and responsibility for the child’s educational welfare. Indeed, there are parents who are absent, selfish and neglectful in their relationships with children. Yet, there are also others who simply grew in the era when challenging the powers was respectful and honorable. These parents want to inspire confidence and develop self-expression in their children thus involuntarily lessening their respect for authorities.

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Anyway, inattentive parents are not the only ones to blame in the frustration of children toward adults. First of all, teenagers are inclined to breaking rules and challenging authority. For example, a lot of them rather use do my law assignment kind of companies that do homework themselves. Their embarrassing and unhealthy way of testing their autonomy is another matter of discussion. Secondly, every teacher must show exceptional tolerance toward hard-manageable pupils well acknowledging his duty not to only teach but also bring up them as long as they are inside the school. By proclaiming “parents are to blame” teachers will get nowhere even if it is true. Instead, schools need support teams such as librarians, counselors, nurses and small classes to manage pay individual attention to each and every child. Everything happening inside the school has a life-changing importance to every child. That is why creating reciprocally reliable relationships between teachers and pupils is of great importance.

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Surely the struggle between teachers and disruptive pupils is endless as long as this world is imperfect. Yet, it is worth constant trying to regulate these relations. Moreover, teachers ought to accept the challenges parents have to face today, whilst parents ought to feel accountable to their children’s behavior at school.

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