Why Should You Opt To Study In Hong Kong?

The aim of Hong Kong is to soon become the epicenter of higher education and it seems that they are doing a great work to reach their goal. Hong Kong undeniably has some of the best universities as well as schools, and not to forget, world class research and amazing standard of living.

As per the ranking of QS World University Rankings, Hong Kong stands at the 23rd position. In the year 2012, as per the QS University Rankings, it stood tall as the number one university. If you are planning to study in Hong Kong, then stay assured that it is an educational powerhouse. If you are a student or would be visiting Hong Kong soon to study there, get the best of supplies at affordable rates through this link iherbs hk . This website does offer some great discounts and best products which prove to be beneficial for students. Make the most of your stay in Hong Kong while you attain your education from there.

Not only do students get a chance to select a course for themselves, they are provided quality too, in terms of education. To add more to this list, you can go through the INSEAD’s Global Innovation Index which is a means to measure how well a country is progressing in terms of innovation and research capabilities. Here, Hong Kong stands in the 8th position out of 141 countries, which you can understand is truly commendable.

Hong Kong The focal point of Education 

Additionally, in the year 2011/12, as per the Hong Kong University Grants Commission (UGC) statistics, about 4,854 international students were part of the funded programs of UGC. There were a good number of students who were studying research and not only concentrating in taught or usual programs. This it proves about the progressing view and ability of the research strength of the country.

Each year there are several numbers of foreign students coming over to study in Hong Kong. The best part is, there are several courses that are taught in English, making it easy for students worldwide to come and stay here.

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