Why Homeschooling Your Children Wastes Less Time than Public School

Time management is a key factor in homeschooling. Creating a schedule that works both for you and your student is essential in your success.

Public schools still follow schedules for classes and breaks, but have you ever thought about how much time is wasted walking around and traveling? The time they have to rest might not even be enough or could be too much to recover from their previous activities. This has mostly been overlooked due to the number of students in each class.

Homeschooling takes away long travel trips, unnecessary breaks, and time to get around from classrooms or waiting for a teacher. There are numerous unavoidable instances where classes are getting postponed; it can be due to bad weather, other natural calamities, or even lack of staff.

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Not only that, but homeschooling also identifies the best time that your child and actually learns certain lessons. This makes you and your child’s time more productive, yet meaningful.

When you think about wasting time, you are referring to the unproductive time the child has while at school. In the public school system, your child needs to follow lessons based on the pace the teacher has set for the whole class. If your child can breeze through a subject that they find easy to understand, they are limited by the pace that has been preset, making the rest of the time a waste for them.

Boredom is one of the hurdles your child might be facing at school. We can’t really make the teacher accountable for it, yet it is important to maintain your child’s interest with lessons. Let’s not forget that each child’s learning pace vary. If your child, however, learns a little bit slower than the rest of the class, this is not in any way helping them boost their confidence in themselves.

Mandatory breaks for children to eat lunch or snacks can actually hurt a child by taking them away from learning if they are at their best studying at that specific time of the day. What if your child is hungry at a different time from their break schedule? Your child might not even be concentrating on the lesson due to their hunger, making them unproductive. It’s more challenging for children with medical conditions where they should be able to take their meal or snacks at specific times throughout the day.

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The traditional system of schooling takes away the individual from their natural schedule and forces them to adhere to what the system wants them to follow. They might have a lot of explanations behind this. Homeschooling breaks this. Your child might not need to eat a full meal to be able to get through their hunger so a small healthy snack during study time is allowed by you. You have control over their needs that enable them to perform better during study time. You can even cut down the time that they get ready for school until they come back to less than half for their study time.

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