What Is Potentialism And How Does It Affect Us?

Potentialism, in simple words, means exploring the potential of a person or in a bigger sense, of this planet at large. The next question would be why this is necessary or what initiated this course of thinking. To understand this let us first answer a couple of simple questions. Why do we think poverty prevails even in the most developed of the nations? Why do you think that the rich is always getting richer while the poor is becoming even poorer?

Facts about Potentialism

It is deemed correct by many scientists that if we continue on the same system then we might end up consuming more than the production, causing our own extinction in the process. David Birnbaum Summa Metaphysica is a book that delves deeper into the theory or potentialism and tries to answer the questions to the origins of the universe and its evolution.

So what is Potentialism?

  • It is a social and economical model which will eventually help us to solve the problems of today’s world.
  • It is a means to help people in a way which is different from the methods followed so far and make them realize their potential.
  • According to it, every human being has a latent potential in them which is restrained by many forces, both systemic and structural. These are forces which are already prevalent in our world.
  • A concept to help us overcome the negativity in our lives and live up to our true potential.
  • It is a new way of looking at things which is also practical.

Potentialism can be classified into two major categories – the economical and the social one.

What Does Social Potentialism Tell Us?

  1. Everyone has a lot of potential in them which is just out of our reach.
  2. There are forces, beyond our control and understanding, which stops us from realizing this potential.
  3. There is a way to fight the negativity in our lives and reach our true potential.
  4. All people are the same as we come from the same ancestors and have more commonalities.
  5. Differences are manmade and can be easily overcome.

What Does Economic Potentialism Say?

  1. Both socialism and capitalism has failed in its attempt to provide equally for everyone on the planet.
  2. Potentialism as an economic model combines the best of both the socialism and capitalism.

Potentialism gives everyone a chance for being successful and can very well become the new system on earth.

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