What is Pega

Pega is a business process management (BPM) and customer relationship management (CRM) software. It is developed in Java and uses OOP and java concepts. Pega Platform enables creating and managing web-based applications with less coding and automate most of the manual tasks.

Pega BPM streamlines operations to reduce cost and making sure the outputs are faster. According to some analysts, Pega is the best BPM suite to combine RPA and BPM in a single, unified platform.

BPM processes development is very easy with Pega; most of the work is automated and visual. You don’t need to know a lot of programming and coding skills to develop even complex BPM apps. Pega is agile, flexible and extensible. You don’t need to build the system from scratch.


Using Pega in this fast pace world would be one of the best decisions your company would take. It also helps you to design the Business Process Flow and decide the functionality of the flow according to your choices.  Moreover, it provides excellent case management. It also has the ability to integrated to various legacy and modern age applications by supporting many protocols.

For a software as big and vast as Pega, you need proper training from a trusted and reliable source. We have an excellent source to learn Pega from A-Z.

How to Get Pega Training

MindMajix provides you excellent Pega training at an excellent price. You can register yourself in MindMajix website and get a better Pega training. The course is 30 hours long and provides full Pega online training.

This Pega online training covers the full software from A to Z. To know more about the pricing and what does the course offer, you can go to this link and register yourself.

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