Types of Tenses and Tips to Remember Them Easily

Tenses are the most important part when you learn the English language. But one of the most strenuous things for students who are studying the English language is remembering the tenses and how to use them correctly.

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What Are Tenses?

Tenses are nothing but a transformation of the forms of the verb associated with time. And therefore, in order to get control over tenses, students must know the transformation of the verb.

Types of Tenses

There are 3 main tenses,

  • Present Tense: Present tense expressing an action that is currently going on or performed habitually
  • Past Tense: Past tense expressing an action that has happened or previously existed
  • Future Tense: Future tense expressing an action that has not yet happened

In the English language, there are 16 forms of tenses which are developed by four basic tenses. The four basic tenses are 1) Present Tense, 2) Past Tense, 3) Future Tense and 4) Past Future Tense.

How to Memorize Tenses

The first thing while learning tenses one must understand about past form and continuous form. Because both these tense are generally used to build the others form.

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  • Past form is made by changing infinitive form or the 1st form of the verb to the 2nd form of the verb. Just for example: 1) Go = went 2) Write = wrote and 3) Play = played, etc.
  • Continuous form is usually made by adding ing after infinitive form. Just for example: 1) Go = going 2) Write = writing and 3) Play = playing

If students understand about past form and continuous form thoroughly, they will be able to make the others form of tenses easily and also remember it quickly.

Tenses are easier to remember when learned in the form of a story. Try to form a mental picture and compare it to each tense as you will certainly find it easier to remember them.

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