Rich Chinese spend more on Luxury & Education

China is very different from the rest of the world, people there have an insatiable liking for celebrities, Hollywood personalities have a significant influence on China’s population, but there is a catch; because of the somewhat aloof nature of China’s internet community, even big-name celebrities are sometimes unknown in China.

China has almost one billion mobile users, so if you want guests in your luxury hotel, you should have an online presence. But remember just building a website for your hotel won’t help, you need to make a showcase some feature which can lure wealthy Chinese families, such as:

  • A website with excellent feel and touch
  • Classy design and fresh
  • Translation of the website should contain Chinese
  • Emphasizing on brands with high-quality pictures and videos
  • Information for Chinese visitors as well as your services
  • The site should be such that people can book a room through it
  • Feedbacks, reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers

Among other thing education has a priority in Chinese society

The fact is that China is increasingly becoming concerned about education.

  • Children will join growing trend: China is third most popular amongst the international students, just behind USA and UK. The number of international students is increasing by 10 percent every year. Choosing to study in China will be a great move if you are looking for something slightly out of the ordinary.

  • More options than ever: The education system is according to the best standard, an example of Chinese School in Shanghai is well-known amongst education industry.
  • Growing reputation of Chinese Universities: Chinese universities are very reputed, and are gaining their rankings amongst various other international schools globally. You can see UK schools rating falling, whereas Chinese rating is always upwards.
  • International schools have massive investment from Government of China: Industries of China rely on the power of knowledge and experience.
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