Madina Sediqi – Global Ambassador of Miss World Canada Pageant

Nowadays, Women are coming out from the home and giving their voice to social issues, especially for the rape of little girls. Among those, Madina Sediqi is the one who keeps on giving her support against the little girls get rape.

Madina Sediqi is a full-time university student and part-time working as the beauty pageant contestant. She is a Muslim girl who shows off her body in bikinis in the Miss World contest. She also prays the God that the daughters and sisters of the staff at the Mississauga Gazette get raped. She is also the Global Ambassador for the Beauties of 5 Continents Miss World Canada Pageant who lists sponsors whom never heard of that contest.

Madina Sediqi Prays For Daughters Who Raped

Many of you heard that in Islam, women must cover their entire body i.e. from head to toe. In less civilized nations, women shot in the streets if they are not completely covered. The covering-up phenomenon is a simple, lie, and plain. If you want real proof for that Muslim women not required to cover up their body, have look at British’s Columbia Madina. She is a self-proclaimed Global representative of the Beauties of five continents Miss World Canada show. After reviewing her LinkedIn page, you will find that she claim to have the finalist in the Miss World Canada Pageant. However, she back out it because she got an overseas educational opportunity. Clearly, she is not interested in covering her body up instead of showing it off in the Miss World Canada Pageant, which takes place in Downtown Vancouver annually. Madina Sediqi Canada was completely unknown to all at the Mississauga Gazette until she represented that she prayed for the daughters who raped. Yes, she prays for the little baby girls who get raped by the few bad Muslim boys in Mississauga.

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