How to Gain the Experience by Studying History in Rotterdam

On this grasp program, you have a look at historic strategies in a comparative and interdisciplinary way. Drawing on insights from the social sciences, political theory, and cultural analysis, you may discover ways to describe each the broad outlines and the specific components of historical occasions from the early modern-day length to the prevailing.

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Studying topics such as global family members, migration, alternate and cultural heritage, will provide a better understanding of the present as nicely. As a history graduate from Studying History in Rotterdam, you will be capable of produce brief or long-term visions on worldwide tactics. You will also be a skilled creator, presenter, and debater. All of these abilities are a good deal sought-after in jobs at NGOs, governmental firms, consultancy groups, museums or history institutes. An educational career is also viable after this master’s program.

Reading History of Society in Rotterdam Way

  • Taking part in a grasp program which has time and again been voted pleasant Dutch master program inside the discipline of history.
  • Studying how to do ancient research on contemporary troubles.
  • Drawing close history from multiple angles and reading phenomena in an international context.
  • Making the most of the small-scale lessons and a committed team of academics.
  • The possibility to do an internship, as an instance at an archive, museum or studies organization.

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Within the grasp history of Society, you’ll be educated to reply modern questions about ancient tactics of globalization, worldwide relations, and cultural encounters. You learn how to perform historic research on the idea of decided on assets and literature. You examine current affairs and history and link them collectively meaningfully via wearing out social-clinical and cultural ancient studies. The master program history of Society is a global program for talented college students, who need to mix ancient studies with insights from the social sciences, political idea, and cultural evaluation.

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