Guides to Know the Major Facts Involved In Landon School

Landon is a place for experience in school tailor-made to convert talented boys into completed guys. Landon faculty is undertaking to prepare gifted boys for productive lives as performed, responsible and being concerned men whose actions are guided by the principles of perseverance, teamwork, honor and truthful play.

Landon has a completely unique approach to coaching; the instructor-educate-mentor model. The hundred twenty five+ members of the various, dynamic and tremendously knowledgeable school also are coaches, advisors, and leaders. They serve as role models and discover teachable moments anywhere: within the study room, performance corridor, artwork studio, gym, fields, and the community past the campus. Because they hook up with the students in multiple ways, the instructor-teach-mentors understand where the boys shine and wherein they could enhance, in the long run helping them navigate the challenges of their younger lives if you want to reach existence after Landon School.

Preparing Boys

  • At Landon, they accept as true with strongly within the benefits of an all-boys schooling. Because the international Boys’ faculties Coalition so eloquently states, college students at all-boys’ faculties advantage confidence of their capability to learn without being compared to ladies who mature extra quickly.

  • All-boys colleges inspire boys to participate in all activities such as arts, athletics and network carrier, and that they sell self-expression and a respect for the various distinctive paths to manhood.
  • Without the social pressures boys can sense in a coed putting, Landon School Education students step up to sing in the a cappella organization, create shifting paintings, submit the yearbook, lead the literary and prepare network provider tasks, further to their academic and athletic necessities and achievements.
  • Landon’s venture, in part, says that they prepare talented boys for effective lives as completed, accountable and caring men. But for the boys to be those men, they must learn to navigate and achieve a coed global.
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