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Hello, I am Marshall and this real incident that happened to me a few years ago. I had taken a land to build a house with my two brothers. We all three had a mutual understanding that I will be arranging for the land and if the loan price is high then all three will be paying for it. I did my job by purchasing a land on a huge loan that I took. When I told my brothers that I had already purchased the land they were happy and told me that soon they will start with the work. After few months the work started and only the base of the house was created. I was happy that somehow all three siblings will be living in one place and have a happy life. The plan was set that everyone will get their own house to live with their wife and children’s.

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After few more months, my second brothers told me that he cannot help any more. The reason was that he is getting a good job offer in some other area. I know what he means but I asked him that we can drop down the project and at least give me some amount to pay to the loan. Still, the house was not being built and the entire burden of the land loan was upon me. We had an argument and eventual he won. Since he was gone I knew that I can’t rely much on my third younger brother and was not having much talking with him. He sure does come to me and ask about the progress but he also knows what is happening.

I was getting calls from my creditors about paying the loan amount. They were threatening that if I did not pay then they will be taking my land that I bought. I did not want to sell that land where my dream for staying together was residing. My bank account was having nothing that I can use or take out to pay loans. I needed a debt consolidation loans for bad credit that I was attaining at that time. My younger brother knew everything that I was going through. He told me that he can help but the amount of debt was much higher even for him to pay.

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Then one day younger brother told me about National Debt Relief and asked me to visit them. Surprisingly these Debt Settlement people are great and I didn’t know that they can arrange debt consolidation loans for bad credit of mine. The amount of loan was reduced to a sum which is payable. My credit did start to grow up and I am very thankful to them. Building houses for three brothers are still my dream and one day I will make it a reality.


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