E-Learning: Why It Is So Important?

The idea of e-learning is still unclear to the large portions of the people. But this very concept (e-learning) is catching up real fast in the western countries.

What Is E-Learning?

E-learning is basically an electronic learning and is conveyed through a mobile, laptop or PC. However in different sectors, the meaning of e-learning may differ. For example, at the business level, it refers to the strategies utilized by an organization to give training to its representatives. While in the Universities, the term is used to convey program or contents of course to the students online.

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In the e-learning process, the students are exposed to flash videos, blogs, animated text and a bunch of other virtual classroom aides. The virtual classroom, however, does not annihilate the hindrances that are always present in the conventional classroom environment.

Why E-Learning is Important


  • Flexible: E-learning is without a doubt a more adaptable method for learning. Many a time it is used in combination with face to face learning as well.
  • Learning Management System: A learning management system or LMS (also known as enterprise learning management system) is a web-based technology used to determining, implement, and assess a specific learning process. Many top ranked institutions provide training online through LMS in which all parts of a subject are managed through a steady standard procedure throughout the institution.

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  • Online Collaboration: E-Learning Platform is best suitable for people who want to teach and collaborate online. Teachers can create, sell, and share courses, tests, contents, and live classes with their students in the marketplace. Teachers can use the virtual classroom to organize conferences, live classes, and webinars that engage audience anytime and anywhere!

Many colleges and universities are nowadays offering certificate courses and academic degrees through the internet of which many are delivered online. www.braincert.com is one such educational institution offering online support services to students including online advising, online buying of valuable study material and e-counseling etc.

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