Basic Guidelines for Formal Academic Writing

So, you have been giving your best to the assignments that you submit to your teachers but still can’t manage to make it grab the best grades? This is because the academic assignments are not just about what you write but how you write it too. We have prepared a list of items you need totally against the next academic assignment you submit to make sure that you are doing everything the way it is supposed to be done.

Are There Any Abbreviations?

Well, if there are then you need to get rid of them right away. Academic writing is very formal in its etiquettes, and you need to make sure that you do not use any informal writing style in it. Spell all the words that you use correctly and completely. However, if it is something that would be repeated over and over again throughout the writing, then introduce it properly, in the beginning, to make it eligible.

Is There Capitalization?

Most of the times capitalization is needed in the sentences, but sometimes it is there for unnecessary reasons. Go through the work to eliminate the capitalizations which are not needed.

Are There Contractions?

If the answer is yes, then this in no way will be considered formal writing because formal writing doesn’t use contractions. Replace all the shortened word forms with the complete form as it brings more strength to your writing. But this doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to use apostrophes at all in your work. The ones used to represent possession are allowed and acceptable.

Can You Spot Numbers In Your Writing?

If you can spot numbers in your writing, then it is not the right way to go.The number should be properly spelled in words form in all sorts of academic writings. However, if the writing uses numbers higher than 10, then leave them as they are.

Are There Long Sentences?

Most of the times we add run-on sentences in our writings which are not needed. Try to look for the sentences which are unnecessarily long and can be split into two. Apart from the long sentences, you also need to keep a lookout for the fragment sentences which do not have a verb or a noun to them. While reviewing, try to go through all the sentences to make sure they are well structured.

Is The Tone Formal?

If it is, then you are good to go. If it isn’t and sounds too informal or not formal enough then try to work on the overall tone of the essay. The instructor is looking for a well-written formal piece of writing, and anything less than that will not earn you good grades.

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