All You Need To Know About Explainer Video

Explainer video is online videos used to explain company’s products or services. It is a short marketing video (usually between 2 to 3 minutes long) used by online companies and corporate to explain how a product or service works. They are generally created for specific marketing purposes towards targeted audiences in a simple yet entertaining manner.

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History of Explainer Videos

The first ever explainer videos were created way back in 2007 not only for the sake of marketing but for instructional and educational goals also. Since then, many online companies and businesses started to have explainer videos to enhance their marketing campaigns. By the year 2015, surveys revealed the fact that nearly 80% of the US based companies and businesses were producing video content (explainer videos) for their own websites.

Use of Explainer Videos

  • Conference or Events: In case if you planning to organize an event or conference you can use explainer videos to draw people attention. On the off chance, if your product is too large to have a proper display, an explainer video can help you show your customers exactly what your product or service offer.
  • Sales Pitch: Explainer videos are a great source to capture your target audience and it helps sell your product and service quickly and effectively. The 2 to a 3-minute short video can help close sales.

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  • Emails: If you want to capture your audience’s attention via email, you can use explainer videos. The video gives your customers the information they need in an engaging way.
  • Social Media: Explainer videos perform best when it comes to social media due to the fact that they are shareable online. Nowadays social media is considered the best places to use an explainer video without having to do much of work.

Benefits of Explainer Videos

The marketing benefits offered by the explainer videos include online visibility boost, reduction in bounce rate, increase in conversion rate and ROI boost.

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