A New Age Learning Experience in the Form of STEAM

STEAM education is a curriculum started to ensure that children get an all-round education of the greatest quality. The full form of STEAM is Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. Initially this curriculum was termed STEM, however it was later realised that Art plays an equally important role in a child’s education and STEM became STEAM. The effects of STEAM education are far-reaching, proving the importance of STEAM education for kids.

Why is Art Important?

The addition of the ‘A’ has been a debate for a while. However, the main purpose of adding ‘art’ is to further diversify the system. Art has, without doubt, picked up speed in the past few years and people are starting to realise the amount of potential the arts have. This stream gives a creative edge to one’s thinking skills and increases the child’s critical thinking skills. The arts have known to improve a child’s motor skills, with children being made to draw shapes and lines since the age of three.

How does it affect a Child?

For decades, children have seen education as a burden. With homework and non-interactive classes, the child starts looking at school negatively. Faith in the education system falters with a number of people deciding not to attend college after their schooling is over. The STEAM initiative was started to ensure that education sparks interest in children. Education is interesting if taught interactively. With STEAM, the aim is to make people realise that learning is fun and that it can be done creatively.

To ensure that the dropout rate is low or zero, one must start from the grassroots, i.e., the children. Starting from Kindergarten or Pre-K ensures that the child takes an active interest in learning from beforehand itself. It is a fact that if one’s foundational learning is weak, they tend to fare poorly in that subject their whole life. STEAM ensures that this is not the case and that students secure a good percentage regardless of how daunting the subject may look.

How to Ensure Results with STEAM

There are a number of techniques to ensure that this curriculum manages to reach its goal of all-round growth and a person’s eventual career growth. They propagate the usage of electronic devices for knowledge. The agenda is to make sure that the students take part in class and show active interest. This can be done through interactive sessions and project making. There are a number of STEAM approved projects that teachers may give students to train their minds. Moreover, the teachers themselves are given comprehensive training to impart education through this new curriculum.

Emphasis is laid on exploration, discovery, connection and investigation. The students must not be limited to a classroom; they must break free from the four walls of their school and look at every aspect of life as a classroom lesson.

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