6 Powerful Benefits of Raising a Bilingual Child

Being bilingual affords children (and adults also) many benefits throughout their lifetime. Here are six powerful benefits of raising a bilingual child.

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  • Better Ability to Focus: Bilingual children have a far better ability to focus and ignore distractions present in the environment. That’s because the part of the brain usually called the executive function, used for judgment, planning, and problem-solving and staying focused on what’s important and relevant is much stronger in bilinguals.
  • Better at Multitasking: Bilingual children can switch from one activity to another very fast and they are far better at multitasking than normal kids. That’s likewise because of the executive function of the brain, giving bilingual child far better cognitive control over information that allows them to switch tasks.
  • Increased Mental Flexibility and Creativity: Bilingual child has better mental flexibility and creativity. When you learn that there is more than one word for an article, it stretches the brain in more new ways and gives children superior mental flexibility as they have two windows through which they view the world.

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  • Stronger Logic Skills: Bilingual children exhibit stronger logical skills and are better equipped than normal kids at solving the mental quiz.
  • Exposure to a new Culture: Learning new language has been shown to develop cultural understanding. Being capable of speaking to people from diverse countries and cultures exposes the child to different ways of thinking, different attitudes and views. It also helps in open new doors.
  • Increased Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem: Knowing more than one language help children to change easily to different environments and thereby increasing his (or her) self-confidence and self-esteem. Parents notice that their children are learning a second and third languages quite easily, especially when the new language shares a similar language structure. Research also suggests that bilingual child holds better writing and reading skills.
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