5 Ways to Speak English Fluently

There are many reasons to why one would like to speak English well; it may be for university and school or for a job interview, or even to just make day to day tasks that require speaking English just a tad simpler.

However, improving your English can prove to be fun, enjoyable and worthwhile; it can change your life. Speaking numerous languages can offer many more pathways and opportunities in life.

Let’s take a look at our top tips on speaking English fluently.

1) Read Widely

Reading widely gives you the luxury of breaking down paragraphs into sentences and knowing the sentence structures that form the paragraphs. All these analysis of the structure can be done at your own pace.

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In effect, reading extensively lets you be familiar with a wide array of styles and language phonetics. Through repeated action, you will be able to be more discerning and say your words more clearly.

2) Write Frequently

Write plentifully is among the most effective method for you to understand the English rules which will affect how you speak. Speech is made of words, and by focusing on the words on paper first, you are building the foundation of your English skills which will eventually lead to a better oral communication.

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Writing should be an essential practice in your quest to be a better English speaker. Write down conscientiously your speech in full sentences, paying attention to the grammar and vocabulary. Ask someone with a better proficiency of English to check if you have adhered to the rules and if the choice of words is correct.

When the check on the written copy is done, then you can focus on reading out loud your write-up.

3) Say out the Words Loud

Reading is an enjoyable activity, be it a newspaper, online article or the traditional hardcopy book. By reading out loud, you are directly learning how to speak English fluently and confidently.

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By reading out loud and not thinking too much on the contents, you can enhance your pronunciation as you will be concentrating on articulating each word. You do not have to be concerned on the English rules and spelling, just on the pronunciation.

Find a reading material that is interesting and say out loud!

4)  Watch English movies and TV shows

Do you know that watching English movies can have a telling difference on your spoken English?  The fact that you can watch a single movie several times means you will easily identify quirks of speech that you like and actually identify with.

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More so, you can build a relationship with certain characters in the script and this will compel you to imitate their way of acting and talking.

5)  Use Online or Dictionary App

As is in many other fields, technology has made learning English a fun-filled and enjoyable experience, for instance, you can download a dictionary app on your smartphone and use it anytime and from any place.

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For learning to pronounce each word fluently, there are a huge number of online English dictionaries and apps, many which have recorded samples of the words. Listen to the pronunciation and repeat saying the word a few times until you are familiar with it.

Bottom Line

Finally, these tips are just a few of the many; you can come up with your own methods. As long as you are enjoying yourself whilst improving your English, your progress will be excellent! Have fun!

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